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May 6, 1999 07:21 PM

Garlic Chablis

  • h

Okay, I'm sure that got your attention, it sure got
mine today at an upscale,(read expensive), "farmers
market". I saw two new products, Garlic Chablis
Cooking Wine and its' mate, Garlic Burgundy Cooking
Wine. Just plain old yuk to me.

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    I wonder if it was wine made from garlic (a thing I
    have seen before) or wine flavored with garlic, i.e.
    court bouillon or an infusion. Either one would make
    an interesting cooking liquid. Imagine lamb braised in
    garlic-infused chablis. Yummy!

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman

      Yes, garlic Chablis infused lamb does sound delish,
      but what put me off is these products are usually so
      artificial or altered for packaging that the result is
      a far cry from the real thing. Why not infuse your own
      wine or throw in some garlic while braising, how tough
      can that be?

      1. re: Heidi
        Josh Mittleman

        Not tough at all. But making garlic wine is a lot of
        work, and the result can be worthwhile. I recall now
        that a friend on mine tried it once, and she did end up
        with a nice cooking liquid that was different from
        garlic-infused wine.

        1. re: Josh Mittleman

          Hmmm, sounds interesting. I won't be so quick to judge
          next time, although at the moment I saw the product it
          instantly made me gag for the reason that most bottled
          wines dubbed "cooking wines" usually aren't fit to
          drink or cook with . Thanks.