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Apr 26, 1999 02:42 PM

Pearson's Texas Barbecue

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To all those who have lamented the close of Pearson's
-- we're coming back. The pit is on order. We'll
have the same food, same menu, in Jackson Heights this
time. I hope for a June opening and will post more
specific info as soon as I have it. Thanks all for
the enthusiastic support. Email any thoughts,
suggestions etc. for the new place. See you soon,
Ellen (owner, Pearson's Texas Barbecue)

p.s. I posted this under "General"; hope it is

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  1. Wonderful news. Good luck!!!


    What happened to the old pit?

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    1. re: AHR

      What wonderful news! Where exactly, though? I'm thinking of moving to Jackson Heights
      and I want to make sure I'm in walking distance.


      1. re: Zora

        Just what I wanted to hear. Keep us posted.

    2. There will be many happy Chowhounds when you reopen,
      Ellen. Best of luck with the new Pearson's.