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Apr 14, 1999 08:35 PM

Article on Italian international culinary police in WSJ

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The front page of today's Wall Street Journal had an
article about a "buoyantly corpulent" Italian expat who
goes around to so-called Italian restaurants in NY
(there are people like this all over the world) to see
if what they serve really rates as authentic Italian
food. Restaurants certified as authentic get some
kind of hecksher from th president of Italy.

It is a great article and I heartily recommend it.

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    chris b. shaw

    Alan thanks for bringing the article to our attention. I especially liked his visit to The Olive Garden . Egads! Just think there are millions of Americans that really think that the "Italian Food " they serve is wonderful and such a good value too.

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    1. re: chris b. shaw
      Jen McAllister

      I got a kick out of that article, too. Lately I've
      been seeing some particularly repellent ads for the
      Olive Garden, i.e. "My Aunt Marie never owned a
      cookbook in her life...but she asked the Olive Garden
      how they make their Chicken Parmesan." Every time I
      see it, my blood pressure spikes up and I lose five
      years off my life. Reading the WSJ article was like a
      bracing tonic.