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Apr 13, 1999 11:49 AM


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I recently went to the Pearl Oyster Bar, (for the 6th time). After the wait (30 min. and a few beers on the street) I asked if they are going to take over the space next door? I was informed that they were working on it with the owner of the building to expand. I like the small set up they have. It's very cozy and at times you start some conversations with the people sitting next to you. Every one wants to know what you ordered as they check out your food. It's a real friendly bunch not to mention some of the best seafood I ever had in the city. I guess they call this progress or sucess.. I wish them the best!

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  1. I've never understood the praise this place gets; on
    my visit there the oysters were tiny and the lobster
    roll was okay but certainly not worth the $12 they
    were charging. It's cute and all, but way overpriced,
    especially when people seems to think that this is
    cheap eats. For my money I'd take the Oyster Bar over
    Pearl any day.

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    1. re: Seth Ditchik

      I agree with you that it's a tad expensive but the
      QUALITY of the produce is there.
      i love the place for its being one of the good
      restaurants in the city where every one has an equal
      chance to have a stool on any given night. I hate that
      we have to reserve weeks in advance to be able to spend
      our hard earned $$$, and I appreciate it when I can just
      drop by on a springy Friday night, have a decent glass
      of wine while I wait, absolutely certain to have a nice,
      fresh piece of seafood, without any of the usual city-
      fuss and attitude.
      The only main negative point would be that they often
      run out of the things I would order. The main positive
      thing is that they often run out of these things,
      meaning I'm sure everthing is always fresh. Guess, I
      have just been unlucky...
      I wonder though how the place would change when it