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Mar 25, 1999 08:30 AM

Charlotte Russe containers

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Can anyone help me as to where Charlotte Russe cups can be purchased? They seem to be almost extinct. Anyone I talk to only has there last handful. I need only 300 of them. If anyone knows where I can buy them, I'd be very grateful. For anyone who isn't sure exactly what a Charlotte Russe is, it is a dessert that you would find in a bakery, usually in the spring. The bottom part is a round pound cake, on top of that is whipped cream and there is a cherry on top. The bottom part of the container is movable, it moves up.

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  1. b
    Barry Strugatz

    Just had a (so-so) charlotte russe from Phillips Candy
    Shop in Coney Island (across mermaid ave. from
    Nathan's). It was in a classic scallop-edged
    container. Give them a call they're very friendly.

    1. Did you try Bridge Kitchenware? they're on 52 or
      51st street in Manhattan, between 2nd and 3rd Aves.
      Not sure where you are but I'm sure they're in the