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Mar 18, 1999 01:03 PM

Larry Parker's Diner in L.A. -- What happened to it????

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Hey, I'm a former "Angelian" who relocated to
Nashville. I used to work at "Larry Parker's Diner"
in Beverly Hills. I understand that there is a "Chin
Chins" there now. Does anybody know what happened to


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    David Harrison Levi

    Hello & Thank You D.R. We opened the restaurant The Beverly Hills Amusement & Dining Experience in August 1982 The restaurant continued into 1996 wnen in late 1996-1997 the Beverly Hills Diner went OUT of BUSINESS and Larry Parker headed toward Venice Beach to open another Fast-Food Establishment. Chin Chin Restaurants Inc. took over the location and continues to attract the dinner crowd. "We gave locals tourists celebrities and entertainers a comfortable 24 relaxed atmosphere of music and great company and food." said david former creator of this world reknown food establishment. David Harrison Levi continued in the entertainment industry with David Levi's TV & Film Music & Sports Galleries 229 south beverly drive beverly hills, california 90212 where into his 23 year the business continues to flouish. Larry IS married to debbie parker and they have 2 young boys.we salute the many tens of thousands who played a small part in beverly hills history and the growth and end of an era "The Beverly Hills Diner." Respectfully; David Harrison Levi (creator in part)

    Link: http://hometown.aol.com/mr5012u/myhom...

    Image: http://hometown.aol.com/mr5012u/myhom...

    1. Hi D.R. and David Levi...
      It's true, David did help with the opening and the suggestion to stay open 24 hours at the Diner. It was a great idea and we had many dreams come true there because of the 24 hours. Debbie and I met there, we were married in the Diner, I met Stevie Wonder, Muhammad Ali, and you met Paul Williams there... Our lives have all been changed since that little Magic Diner existed... D. R. We love you and miss you. We have video of you dancing on stage with Debbie and the Blues Bros. in Las Vegas... Also we have been talking about you during "American Idol" Amy.. the Firey Red hair girl looks like your twin.... Debbie ran in to Paul at a ASCAP meeting workshop on songwriting... And they talked about seeing you.... Write back directly to us... lpdinerman@aol.com or jpaerospace@aol.com

      Link: http://www.bigdaddyandsons.com

      1. The original comment has been removed