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Mar 3, 1999 03:56 PM

Now David Rosengarten is leaving Gourmet!

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My spies have notified me that, with Ruth Reichl
coming to GOURMET as the new editor-in-chief,
restaurant reviewer David Rosengarten is departing
pronto. Seems they probably wouldn't get along, to say
the least, but "reason given" has more to do
with how busy David will be advising Warner
LeRoy. Yeah. Meanwhile, I for one am still reeling from
David's recent declaration (in GOURMET) that Il Buco is
the best restaurant in Manhattan.

Ruth is bringing an old pal from the LA TIMES on board
at GOURMET. Didn't catch her name. I'm going to see
Ruth at the Y on Sunday March 7. I'll report here if
anything truly hot occurs.

Meanwhile, Jim Leff deserves a key to the city and an
unlimited expense account for his gustatory and
literary efforts on behalf of the millions of
chowhounds who come and go in this city every day.
Kudos to you, Jim, and your endlessly interesting web

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  1. r
    robert sietsema

    Maybe so, but who are you Gourmet Guy? No profile for you in aol. One aspect of your report is incorrect.


    Praise of Jim is well deserved.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I think
      Gourmet Magazine did a really smart
      thing...Reichl's going to do bring in
      tons of new life and energy (longtime visitors will be pleased
      to see who's replacing David--no, not


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      1. re: jim leff

        Who is replacing Rosengarten?

        Someone from L.A.?

        1. re: Jane Tunks

          Jane--I don't think it's been announced yet, so I can't
          say. But look for Gourmet to be really really good
          later this year...


          1. re: Jim Leff

            Well it made it to the media yesterday. Jonathan Gold
            will be replacing David Rosengarten. Why so coy about
            spilling the beans??

            1. re: AnnChantal

              Jonathan, you will be greatly
              missed by the chowhounds of Los
              Angeles. What will we do?!

              1. re: Jane Tunks
                jonathan gold

                Ummmm...wait for my book, ``Counter Intelligence:
                Eating in the Real Los Angeles'' to come out next

                And thanks!

                1. re: jonathan gold

                  Well, I'm happy for you, Jonathan, but feeling
                  sorta blue. The Los Angeles food scene is so full of
                  remarkable richness and diversity, that I have always
                  been amazed at the stodginess of most restaurant
                  reviews and the emphasis on mainstream upscale
                  eateries. Your reviews were the ones I was always
                  anxious to read, both for the diversity of the cuisine
                  covered, but also because I found that your palate and
                  mine usually agreed on matters of taste and quality.
                  In short, I find most L.A. restaurant reviews bland,
                  mainstream, and uninspired, but yours were alive with
                  your love of food, and the spirit of adventure and

                  I assume that, despite your new position, you will
                  continue to be a frequent poster at chowhound. That,
                  at least, would provide some solace. Again,
                  congratulations. Your new position represents well
                  deserved recognition of your talents.

                  1. re: jonathan gold

                    It's hard for someone who hasn't lived in Los Angeles
                    to understand how important you have been to Left
                    Coast Chowhounds. Many scissors have been dulled
                    clipping out your columns.

                    I know I'm being totally selfish, but I'm extremely
                    excited about your Gourmet gig, for many reasons:
                    you're a terrific writer; you're comfortable with any
                    cuisine and with restaurants of any price range and
                    ambition; and you'll be writing about my adopted city.

                    I had planned to subscribe to Gourmet (which I have
                    not done in twenty years) when I found out that R.R.
                    was going to become its new editor. Now I know the
                    first place I'll hit when Gourmet comes to the door.

                    Bravo, Jonathan.