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Mar 1, 1999 12:55 PM

End of the World

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I saw a roach climbing up the wall in the bread department of Balducci's today. The countergal finessed it, but we both had looks on our faces like we wanted to run out of there toot sweet. Must be the millenium bug.

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  1. I`m curious as to why you would report this. Is it done tongue in cheek? a sugue for your bug joke, or did you just move here from Montana.


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    1. re: jg
      robert sietsema

      No, it's true that I saw a cockroach this afternoon at Balducci's, and hey, you must be prescient, because I did just move here from Montana. How did you know?

      1. re: robert sietsema
        Dave Feldman

        And I thought that was a RAISIN in my scone.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          speaking of raisins in your scone, I had one of the
          worst moments of mouth feel in my life (aside from
          inhaling a fly when I was eight) about a year ago with
          a Portuguese roll with raisins (purchased here in
          Manhattan). I bit into what I thought at first was a
          rancid raisin, only to fish out of my mouth a chunk of
          unsmoked cigarette tobacco attached to a butt. So
          traumatic, I haven't thought about it since until now.

        2. re: robert sietsema

          Prescient, maybe - sentient, I doubt it.