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Feb 27, 1999 05:04 PM

Bulk tofu retail

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Question: Does Sam the Tofu Man still deliver vats of
tofu in bulk to the Park Slope Food Coop? Is he still
around? Last I heard, he had gotten mugged and beaten
and left New York.

[Sam the Tofu Man is Sam Weinreb, who had delivered
tofu he made himself when I was manager of the Good
Food Co-op in Manhattan. He used to deliver his stuff
weekly: fresh tofu, soymilk, and a specialty he said he
had "innovated" called the "Okara Burger", which, as
the label said, was made from "the body and fiber of
the soybean". He also seasoned them with shoyu and
spices, added vegetables like chard and carrots, and
just a pinch of flaxseed. These were more, um,
effective than Colon Blow because they were so fiber-
rich. I used to get them every week. Oh, and yeah: he
had originally tried to market them under the name
"Soysage". Innovative is the word.]

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