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Feb 23, 1999 08:56 PM

Chowhounds in the book, Dining Out

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I finally got my sweaty hands on the book, DINING
OUT: Secrets from America's Leading Critics, Chefs,
and Restaurateurs. It's a lot of fun, and features
Jim Leff, Jonathan Gold, and Robert Sietsma.

Readers of this site will not be shocked that five of
Jim's favorites that he shares with readers are:
Kabab Cafe in Astoria; Grange Hall in Manhattan;
Charles' Southern-Style Kitchen in Harlem; Bo in
Queens; and The Arepa Lady in Jackson Heights.

I esecially love the Alpha Hound's description of Bo's
beef ribs:

"When I eat her beef ribs, they taste Jewish
because I'm Jewish. If I were Portuguese, they would
taste Portuguese."

DINING OUT, written by Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page,
is published by Wiley.

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