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Feb 23, 1999 09:04 AM

cooking lessons

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Where might one take VERY rudimentary cooking lessons
in Manhattan? I'm referring to someone whose knowledge
of cooking is totally zero. I can't remember even
seeing him make a sandwich and I've known him all of
his life. He's motivated now though and any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks as
always. pat

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  1. Try Peter Kump's (located on West 23rd Street in
    Manhattan). They have a class called something like
    "How to Boil Water" designed for the true novice.

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    1. re: Mara

      Thanks. It sounds totally appropriate. pat

      1. re: pat hammond

        I second the recommendation of Peter Kump's and I've taken many classes there.

        1. re: JM-NYC

          I third the notion...I graduated from Peter Kump's
          with a Culinary Degree in 1995, and it was truly a
          great experience!

          1. re: JM-NYC

            How can I add my cooking classes url to your site,we are at
            Thanks JIM.