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Feb 14, 1999 05:29 PM

Arthur Avenue, the Bronx

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I shopped on Arthur Avenue yesterday for the first time
in over a year and was delighted to find that many
shops have been vastly improved.

You kind of got the feeling that everyone had gone back
to Italy for a bit just to see how things were done

Vegtables were the biggest improvement - the stands in
the market looked far better than they ever did before
and several small shops were remodeled to seem more
like modern Italy.

Bakeries also, seem much improved, with all sorts of
breads that could be found in Italy or classy Manhattan
shops, but hadn't reached the Bronx yet.

Has anybody else noticed this? Or am I just growning
nicer with old age?


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  1. brian, I agree the area is definetly on the upswing. I think more people are aware of it, more money coming into arthur ave. I go there about twice a month, two friends of mine have food shops there, one in the indoor market, another on 187th st. he used to own the fabulous wine store, mount carmel wines 612 e 187th st 718 367 7833, for a dynamite collection of italian wines, also, arthur ave has been featured many times on tv, in the last few years. wliw, foodtv etc.

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      Cliff Sullivan

      I love Arthur Avenue. Il Rigoletto is a gem offering exquiste italian food. I eat in Boston's North End at least once a week and grew up in an Italian home but this restaurant is the best. Multo Bene.

      1. re: stephen kaye

        i lived there ,you should have seen it 35 years ago,you would cry,they had there own way of keeping things nice there