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Feb 9, 1999 10:59 AM

Ruth Reichl article

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For an British perspective on Ruth Reichl's departure
from the New York Times I thought some of you might be
interested to read the article 'Dining Queen of the Big
Apple'(URL below) on the London Evening Standard site.

I'm visiting NY for the first time next month and look
forward to trying out some of the fantastic places I've
been reading about for the last few months!



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  1. Thanks for the link, Ellen -- a nice article, and the sidebar on London restaurant critics revealed a (to this earnest Yank) horrifying insouciance regarding the responsibilities of the job -- one even had her picture with the article!
    Anyway, be sure and report here on your experiences in our fair city.

    1. d
      Dave Feldman

      Hi Ellen,

      Thanks for the link and the very fair article.
      Hope you'll clue us in on your eating adventures in
      NYC. Please don't hesitate to ask for advice.