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Feb 4, 1999 05:29 AM


  • j

Can anyone please help me?
I am traveling to New yory in the near future and
would really like to find a good reataurant that
serves "raclette" (the traditional Swiss version)
so i can compare your New york version with what we
serve at home in the u.k.
If you can help you will have my undieing gratitude

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  1. Go to Roettele A G at 126 E. 7th St. in the East Village (phone 212-674-4140). The food and beer are excellent, but the wine is dreadful. You have been warned.

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    1. re: steve d.

      Dear Steve. d Thank you for you reply.
      I will seek and dovour,the raclette and beer
      Thanks for the wine warning
      Once again many thanks J.J.

      1. re: john
        Elliot Brown

        When they're not too busy with the pre-theatre crowds,
        the Swiss Inn at 311 West 48th Street turns out an
        excellent raclette. They also have an interesting
        selection of Swiss wines.