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Jan 13, 1999 05:19 PM

Chinese Dumplings in Manhattan

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I've enjoyed the best Chinese dumplings in restaurants
that by some misterious reason have ended up closing.
Any suggestions? I just love sesame sauce too.

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  1. Read Eric Asimov's article in the food ("Dining Out")
    section of yesterday's New York Times (1/13)for the
    location of chinese dumplings in Manhattan and

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    1. re: christina z

      While they are often delicious, the many dishes
      at Joe's Shanghai and other places cited by
      Asimov are rather ordinary and dull. A few years
      ago, many dishes were rivals, such as the fish
      tails in brown sauce, cabbage and dried shrimp in
      a clear sauce, and so on. As their expansion
      continues the menus get blander.

      1. re: Allan Evans

        JUst had the soupy buns at Evergreen Shanghaii, Mott
        between Bayard and Canal, and I can attest that they
        were truly delish.

        As were the other dishes we tried: scallion pancakes,
        congee, sticky rice with pork in banana leaf, whole
        steamed fish, and baby bok choy with garlic.

        The tea was good too.

        1. re: rachelhope

          Try the standard dumplings at kam chueh on the bowery,
          just south of canal street. They are close to perfect
          with an amazing sauce drizzled over them. Just as an
          aside, I think kam chueh is the best "bang for the
          buck" chinese seafood in NYC. The razor clams in
          black bean sauce are extreme, as are the salt and
          pepper squid. The place is a little too bright and
          there are plastic tablecloths, but that's part of the
          charm. It's great for large groups.....