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Jan 5, 1999 12:26 PM

cheese options near Union Sq.

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The selection of good foodstuffs in the Union Square
area keeps increasing. In addition to the great fish
at Catch 21 and the Farmers Market, the great breads
at the FM, O Padeiro and many other sources, I would
like to particularly recommend a visit to the cheese
counter in the new food hall at ABC Carpet and Home if
you are in the area. They have knowledgeable sales
staff, many good and interesting cheeses in good
condition, and good prices. Many other items look
worth a try there as well, and at least at one point a
retail outlet for D'Artagnan products was promised.
Also, I would highly recommend the sheep's milk
cheeses sold on Fridays at the FM. All are very good,
but the flat brie-like square in particular is
absolutely luscious! Campagna at Home (21st between
Bway and Park) is another recently-opened source for
high-end artisanal breads, as well as cheeses, take-
out fare and other food-related items.

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  1. I mean really, check out the ABC Carpet and Home's
    cheese counter back in the food hall. I was in there
    again last night, and had the cheese guy all to myself
    to talk and eat cheese, his recommendations were all
    excellent. A rare alternative to Manhattan cheese
    zoos, with lines out the door and no chance to
    cogitate. Also saw some steaks with shoestring potato
    pass through to the Parlor Cafe - looked tasty too.

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      The Parlour Cafe is a delicious and unusual place to have dinner (it's always fun to watch people's reactions as I lead them to what appears to be a carpet shop and into that amazing collection of pricey bric-a-brac -- each with price tag! -- interspersed with tables), and since it's never full (nobody seems to know about it) it's a good place to keep in mind if you're in the Union Square area without reservations. The only drawback is that they don't stay open very late.