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Dec 29, 1998 10:41 AM

Perry Bistro

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Someone told me that this place on Perry and Hudson
was good. Has anyone tried it?

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    Robert Sietsema

    I liked this place quite a bit when it opened a year and a half ago, but was pissed when they raised prices by a couple of dollars per entree, making the place not all that cheap. Anything with duck is good, but the place always is half-empty, making me wonder how they can survive.

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    1. re: Robert Sietsema

      The prices went up when they changed chefs and the food
      became much better. This is one my favorite places in
      the neghborhood and I'm glad to see it remain always
      1/2 empty (it's hard to live in a neghborhood that
      always seems a destination site for everyone else
      leading to 30-60 minute waits for a casual Friday night

      1. re: NMR

        Yes well, it`s hard to stay in business when your half full. If you really want to support your neigbhorhood rest. go there on the off nights. Fri and Sat. are not casual nights. For some it`s trying a new place or date night or one night out a week. But if you really don`t want to wait for a table, I suggest you talk to the owner, so that he could turn away customers for your convience, and I`m sure you`ll be there at the end of the week to help pay the BILLS. Some People Boy, They just don`t get it