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Dec 22, 1998 04:02 PM

chocolate & cholesterol

  • j

I mentioned that dark chocolate is
relatively benign,
cardiovascularly speaking, in the
cholesterol thread (see Re(3):
need the help of all chowhounds).
Someone asked for more details,
and here are a few I found after a
quick web search...

"Recent studies have shown that
stearic acid, one of the primary
saturated fats found in chocolate,
behaves differently than other
saturated fats. In fact, recent
studies show that stearic acid has a
neutral effect on blood cholesterol

This is from a chocolate Q & A
from Hershey, so take that into
consideration, but it mimics what
I've read elsewhere. More at:

"Chocolate also contains
significant amounts of phenol, a
chemical found in wine, which
reduces the risk of heart disease
by preventing the formation of
plaques in coronary arteries."

Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D., the
author of Vogue's "Health
Report"— Adapted from Vogue,
December 1996, online at:

He also wrote that "...chocolate has
trace levels of anandamide, a
substance that mildly mimics the
effect of marijuana by acting on
the same receptors in the brain."

Jim Dixon

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  1. k
    Kenny (corrected posting)

    In Europe "Grapeseed oil" as long been used to combat
    cholesterol.Now grapeseed oil is used in cooking with
    flavoring such as garlic added to it.My wife and I like
    to spread garlic flavored grapeseed oil on french bread
    and put in the toaster oven until browned.It's a great
    snack and a healthy one as well. Check out my web site
    to find out how you can have grapeseed oil to use in
    your salads or stir frys.If the url conection doesn't
    work,e-mail me and I'll direct you to it.Thanks

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    1. re: Kenny (corrected posting)

      There is NO cholesterol in chocolate. You can only
      find it in animal products or processed foods
      containing animal products

      For nutritional info check this sight, "type in name of
      a food any you will see nutritional value.