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Dec 16, 1998 02:32 PM

Extreme Chowhounding

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For a highly entertaining account of dining at its most
intrepid, I call your attention to the

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  1. I couldn't get to the article by following the link, but I persevered, and I urge you all to do the same -- it's well worth it. At the Salon site ( go to Archives and ferret out the Wanderlust column "The yuckiest food in the Amazon" by Mary Roach (12/15/98). Just don't read it at mealtime.

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    1. re: Steve D.

      Yeah, if you cut and paste the URL the second line gets
      cut off -- you could try just typing the last bit in.

      1. re: Steve D.
        Barry Strugatz


        Is it possible to post the article on Chowhound?

        1. re: Barry Strugatz

          "Is it possible to post the article on Chowhound"

          no...that'd be copyright violation. But don't be lazy...
          just use the link!

          1. re: Jim Leff
            Barry Strugatz

            What link are you referring to?

            1. re: Barry Strugatz

              sorry, barry, the URL was given in the first message in
              this thread. Here it is again:


      2. Wow! And I thought I was brave when it comes to trying
        weird food and drink! I was curious to try Chicha
        until I read that article. Now I think I'll pass.
        One question though. I think they sell bottled
        Chicha in Peru (but I'm not sure). If they do, is it
        made the same way (i.e., saliva included)?