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Dec 5, 1998 12:04 AM

The Velvet Turtle

  • m

Is just one fine eatary! My name is Mark I am an ex-
change student from Norway, some thing I can not see
is how any one can discuss food with such a worth-
less corupt presedent named clinton, this country
is fast in being labled one sick joke! OK!

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  1. r
    Russell Drecque

    I'll bet there are many other things you
    can't see. We are above politics. Guess
    you're still in withdrawal from being
    without (which I ate over in Oslo and liked
    alot!) reindeer meat.
    Regards from

    1. g
      G from Jersey

      Guess I missed the point of your message. What does
      discussing food have to do with the president of the
      US? Although his behaviour may be disgraceful, I doubt
      that it has taken away anyone's appetite! (except
      maybe Hillary's) don't use this forum to bash the
      US...the greatest country in the world!