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Nov 19, 1998 09:18 PM


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Has anyone been to Lola's on 21st St. lately? Haven't
been there in a while...wondering how it is...

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  1. I had dinner at Lola's about a month and a half ago.
    It's most unusual, with especially vivid and sumptuous
    decor--redefines the color "salmon." I really loved the
    fried chicken, which has been raved about high and low.
    It's actually SPICY, and makes a substantial
    impression. Everyone raves about the gospel brunches,
    and I gather they're packed to the rafters. Definitely
    worth a detour, Jersey! See you there.

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    1. re: Tom S.
      G from Jersey

      The gospel brunch is good...hard to get in
      sometimes...met Star Jones there...always enjoyed the
      bands on the weekend...have to go back again! Thanks
      for the input!