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Nov 17, 1998 09:09 PM

Unique Place for Christmas Party

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i need a unique place and/or idea for a company christmas party. there will be about 15-20 people. we want good food and something different for atmosphere, etc. looking for more than a room to have dinner in.

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  1. Sounds of Brazil - S.O.B.'s on Varick Street offers
    small groups the ability to combine their party with
    some other same size gangs for Christmas parties.
    My company did this a few years ago and we are doing it
    again this year.
    The food is pretty good and everyone ends up having a
    blast dancing and meeting new people.
    Regards, JK

    1. m
      Michael O'Neal

      We've got 300 seats ,5 different rooms. Lots of
      options for parties--5 to 500(stand up).