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Nov 11, 1998 06:45 PM

Ruggiero fraud

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Did anyone catch the article in the NYT about
Ruggiero's extreme habit of credit card fraud? How did
he think he could get away with routinely adding 5,000
or more to tips? Did I miss something? Coming right
on the heels of Reichl's awful review, things look dim
for him.

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  1. Third article about it appears today on the front page
    of the Metro section. How dumb.

    1. We just learned, last night, that Mr. Ruggiero's
      uncle is/was Paul Castellano, a high-ranking
      Mafia don. No one in the media either reported on
      it or knew about it (this is from a reporter who
      hadn't the chance to cover the dude). Now we know
      where he learned his business ethics.