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Nov 2, 1998 11:07 AM

Friendly Deli owners

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Does anybody know or is anybody a deli owner in NYC
who would like to show some English people how to run
a good deli? I have been asked to bring some people to
New York so that they can learn about your way of
doing things. I would be realy grateful for any

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  1. Having lived for ten years in NYC
    (and loving every minute) I still
    miss the delis of the city I went to
    college in: Philadelphia. In my
    experience, even the best NYC
    delis are pedestrian compared to
    the neighborly institutions one
    finds in the City of Brotherly
    Love. Creations like the Hoagie
    and the Philly Cheese-Steak just
    simply cannot be reproduced here
    for some reason, probably due the
    high rents and unavailability of
    soft Italian sandwich rolls. I have
    never once had a New York hero
    that could even begin to approach a
    Philly Hoagie.

    I suggest you contact Koch's Deli
    or Pat's Steaks in Philadelphia.

    One concession to NYC: the corned
    beef and pastrami can't be beat
    here. Try Katz's Deli on Houston
    Street at Ludlow (better than
    Carnegie). A true Lower East Side
    legend. Otherwise, head down the
    Turnpike to Philly to get a real
    deli sandwich.

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    1. re: mark in nyc
      John Knoesel

      I'll try not to get too crazy regarding the Philly
      post. Anyone who has either grown up in the 5 boroughs
      or moved here and patronized the delis of NYC know that
      the ethnic grocery stores in our area are unsurpassed
      by anyone in terms of quality and variety.
      To me deli can mean many things, not just the tourist
      traps like Katz's and the Carnegie.
      Corona Park Salumeria, the Polish delis of Greenpoint,
      the German butchers/delis of Yorkville and now
      Ridgewood, and on and on and on. Don't talk to me about
      the city where the grand prize is a week and the 2nd
      prize is 2 weeks.
      Next, what kind of freakin' deli to people from England
      plan on opening here?
      Give us some authentic fish & chips and I guarantee you
      might have a shot.
      P.S. Check out a new pub in Sunnyside called Tailor
      Hall on 46th St. @ Queens Blvd.
      Great pub food and a perfect pint. The atmosphere will
      definetly remind you of Ireland.
      Regards, And Good Luck on the new book DOG !!!!!

      1. re: mark in nyc

        How much does a pastrami or corned beef sdandwich cost
        at Carnegies? Or how about the pastrami/corned beef