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Oct 28, 1998 09:26 AM

pizza class

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For all of you pizza-hounds out there---last night, we went to a pizza-making class given by Michele and Charles Scicolone. They're out promoting their new book, "Pizza, Any Way You Slice It."

If you ever have a chance to attend one of their classes, do! What fun. They are absolutely charming and relaxed, and incredibly knowledgable. Plus, they made some of the best pizza I've ever had--everything from the simplest Neopolitan pizza to an amazing concoction called sfinciuni--a Sicilian pie with onions, anchovies, tomatoes, bread crumbs and cubes of caciocavallo cheese--to a farinata (a totally surprising and delicious concoction made with chickpea flour). And more!

Even if you never plan to make a pizza yourself, a class like this is wonderful entertainment...and great eating! (And drinking, too--two Italian wines were served as well.)

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  1. j
    Jennifer Knoesel

    Sounds like fun!
    Do you have a phone # to give me so I can contact them
    for future classes?
    Since I am a junior chowhound I'd also like to know if
    any kids were at the class.
    Many thanks,
    Jennifer Knoesel

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    1. re: Jennifer Knoesel

      No, sorry, I don't know how to contact the Scicolones directly. I found out about the class simply by looking at the schedule of my local cooking school. Actually, come to think of it, Charles is in charge of the wine at I Trulli, a restaurant on 27th St. in Manhattan. I suppose you could call him there to find out more.

      Everyone at the class was over 30, I'd say--but there would have been no problem at all with younger people attending. The atmosphere was the opposite of stuffy.

      Good luck!