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Oct 20, 1998 08:33 AM

Cheez-wiz in coffee

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I read recently in a book on marketing that Cheez wiz
is marekted and used as a coffee flavoring in Puerto
Rico. can anyone confirm or deny?

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  1. I can confirm that your a total moron.

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    1. re: Bob Dunn

      Hey pal, if what Alan said he read was true, are you
      calling Puerto Ricans morons by association ? Cheez
      wiz in coffee sounds weird to me too, but that's no
      reason to call Alan a moron.

      If you have nothing intelligent to say, don't say

      You have just confirmed that YOU'RE the total moron.
      You can't even spell "you're" .

      1. re: Gary Cheong

        Thank you for the vote of confidence, Gary.

        All doubters please see P. Kotler, Marketing
        Management, 9th edition, p.453.

        I did not mean to disparage Puerto Ricans -- just
        thought that it was an interesting food way and worth
        knowing more about, though perhaps not worth trying.

        Interesting things happen when food cultures collide --
        you get funky combos like some filipino dishes (e.g.
        the spaghetti with patis, tomatos, cheddar cheese and
        sliced hot dogs at Renee's). It reminds me of my
        Russian cousins' first encouter with peanut butter --
        they ate it on bread topped with a sliced cured pork
        fat -- sort of a Russian pancetta, only not as tasty.

        1. re: Alan Divack

          You're welcome, Alan.

          My remark about dissing Puerto Ricans was not aimed at
          you at all. I was just pointing out to that rude
          person who insulted you that by calling you "moron",
          he was indirectly insulting Puerto Ricans as well.

        2. re: Gary Cheong

          What people use in Puerto Rico is cheddar chesse, they
          put cheese inside the coffee but not cheez wiz.

      2. I"m from Puerto Rico and we don't use cheez- wiz to
        flavoring the coffee, that's completely false!!!