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Oct 12, 1998 02:24 PM

where to go?

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In a couple of weeks, my parents are taking the kids and my husband and I are going away for the weekend, alone together for the first time in 5 years. (!) But we can't figure out where to go.

A restaurant recommendation would help us focus. If anyone has a favorite restaurant within about 200 miles of NYC, I'd appreciate hearing about it. We don't want to have to dress up, but other than that we're pretty much open to anything.

We'd be looking for something for a Sat night and then for a great homemade breakfast the next morning.


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  1. Dinner at The Beekman Arms Hotel ( Larry Forgione ) and
    then a night at The Mansakening Carraige House.
    Rhinebeck is a real foodie town and you have to go to
    Olana - Frederick Church's mansion overlooking the
    Hudson River which is now a museum.( You have to call
    ahead to visit the inside of the house.)
    Ask for an upstairs room in the converted barn at
    Mansakening - King Size Poster bed with a working
    fireplace and whirlpool tub.
    You will not forget this little get-away !!!

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    1. re: John Knoesel
      Josh Mittleman

      I second this suggestions. My wife and I spent
      our honeymoon at the Mansekenning. Make a reservation
      for dinner at American Bounty at the Culinary Institute
      of America, too.

      1. re: Josh Mittleman

        I vote for The Beekman too!

        I went to both the Ryland Inn and The Beekham Arms
        Hotel about 4 yrs ago. I had a fabulous meal at The
        Beekham and enjoyed the atmosphere too. (sorry I can't
        recall any details now; but I do remember you didn't
        have to get too dressed up. Nice casual clothes will
        do.) I didn't have any time to wander around Rhinebeck
        but I remember seeing some cozy-looking dining spots
        directly across the street from the hotel.

        My meal at the Ryland Inn was much less memorable. The
        staff was a little stuffy and I thought the restaurant
        was over-rated (sorry Steven!).

    2. If DC sans kids interests you (the Van Gogh exhibition maybe?) the Morrison-Clark Inn has a lovely restaurant, nice rooms and weekend deals which include a very nice continental breakfast. However the highlight of our trip was their great-value three-course Sunday Brunch, which is offered into the early afternoon in the restaurant, and is quite an experience, with exquisite food complimentary champagne and civilized service suited to a lazy Sunday afternoon. Nicely follows a Sunday morning urban hike or museum crawl. If you want to eat there on Saturday night, though, better book ahead; it is a special occasion spot in DC for a romantic night out, with good reason.

      1. One of the finest restaurants in America, outside of
        New York, is the Ryland Inn in New Jersey. Take a look
        at the restaurant's Web site ( for
        menus, hours, etc. I believe the Ryland Inn is the
        only New York Times four-star restaurant in New
        Jersey, for what it's worth. I recommend dinner at the
        Ryland Inn (which does not have rooms as far as I
        know) followed by a drive over to one of the lovely
        inns of New Hope, PA, just over the Delaware river,
        where you can have a great breakfast and a stroll
        through town.

        Rhinebeck is also a good suggestion. My family had a
        house there for about a decade and the restaurant
        scene is far better than you could possible expect
        given the small population.

        1. Thanks, everyone! I'll let you know what we end up doing. We really appreciate your help.

          1. Just wanted to let you all know that we ended up not making any firm plans for the weekend and just got in the car and drove.

            We went right up the Taconic to Chatham where we had to make our mandatory annual stop for pumpkin doughnuts at the Diner. Heaven. (And I don't even like doughnuts!)

            Then we drove down along the Hudson, stopping at Olana (thanks for that tip--I'd always wanted to go and just loved it) and every bookstore we could find. We arrived in Rhinebeck at around 1:30. Time for a late lunch. We wandered into the Beekman Arms and figured we'd ask if there was even a vague possibility of a table--and sure enough, we were seated within moments. What a wonderful experience. I'd go back for the focaccia alone.

            Thanks to all!