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Oct 8, 1998 08:55 AM

How do they Do It?

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I can't figure this out...... can you??? please send answers tomy e-mail directly, thanks!
We've started having chinese Buffets. and several are fine....... incredibly.... afordable, and include seafood: fresh shrimp/crab legs, for example......
at a similar/lower price than an entree at most places.
How can they do this, given normal overhead costs [rent/heat,taxes etc.....] even if they don't pay 'the help'..... the explanation everyone has. How do they afford the food and overhead..... and not lose money???? Love to know,
thanks, all Best,

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  1. f
    Frank Language

    Uh...where are these buffets?

    And, can you be more specific as to what kind of
    restaurants and what hours these buffets are offered?
    Maybe it's to supplement the regular menu, maybe it's a
    "loss leader" and the difference is made up when they
    serve the regular menu, or maybe by offering the buffet
    food at rush hours they actually make a profit by
    selling it out (especially the higher-ticket items like
    crab and shrimp that everyone goes for - i.e., less