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Oct 6, 1998 01:28 PM

Restaurant Size/ USC

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I am so surprised that you did not like Union Square Cafe. It happens to be one of my favorites!
I am also confused by your problem with the size. I don't think it is a large restaurant. There are separate
dining areas but the front/downstairs room is not that big. Comparatively, it is not even in the ballpark
with Gotham or Gramercy. But ,obviously, everyone has their preferences in comfort levels.

I also must address the comment about the food being unexciting (in the responses). I LOVE the food there.
They have something for everyone and the service is ALWAYS terrific. I happened to just have had lunch
there with my mother and we had a wondeful time. Both the food and service were as good as ever.

I am sorry that you didn't have a good time, but...maybe you should give it another chance.


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