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Oct 5, 1998 10:16 PM

late nite eats near Lincoln Center

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going to opera that ends late. any suggestions for late
supper any ethnic walking distance between Lincoln
Center and Mayflowere hotel?

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  1. Picholine is my favorite restaurant in that area, and
    it's open pretty late--seating until 11:30, I believe,
    on most nights.

    1. m
      Michael O'Neal

      our motto is " we're open 'til the fat lady sings"
      This will be our 35th year of serving the Lincoln
      Center crowd.

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      1. re: Michael O'Neal

        Are we supposed to guess which restaurant?

        Could it, by any chance, be O'Neal's (as in your last
        name) ?? Why not just be up-front and say "I'm the
        owner of this restaurant, come check out my place" ?