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Sep 30, 1998 10:08 AM

Pizza continued--Polistina's

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After all this pizza talk I was happy to be invited out
last night to Polistina's. Overall I was pleasantly
surprised. We had a regular large pie, and it really
fired well on all cylinders. Excellent, crisp crust.
Good, tangy sauce. Very good mozeralla, and not an
overabundance thereof. We ordered a family-sized mixed
green salad to start, which seemed overpriced at
$7.95--it was very small, and very simple. Simple
good, but overpriced. And the pint of beer was not a
pint, even though the waiter swore that they had done a
test after several customers had voiced similar
suspicions. Anyway, I definitely vote for Polistina's
above the horribly lackluster John's (UWS version), but
I suppose that ground's been covered.

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  1. d
    Dan Sonenberg

    damn...I meant to send this to the Manhattan board.

    -Dan s.

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    1. re: Dan Sonenberg
      Dave Feldman


      Next time, give the grilled vegetable panini a try. It's an extremely tasty and filling healthy sandwich.