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Sep 19, 1998 12:42 PM

romantic Italian Resaurant in Manhattan

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Looking for a small cafe that won't break my wallet. preferably with sidewalk seating. Thank you all for your help.

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  1. This is a third hand recommendation so caveat emptor.
    Julian's on 54th and Ninth (or is it Eighth). Check the phone book.


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    1. re: Pete Feliz

      Recently another chowhound recommended Moreno
      Ristorante at 18th and Irving to me for a private
      party. My party will be there in early October. I had
      lunch there with a friend and it was very lovely. They
      have nice outdoor seating and good food for moderate
      prices (not cheap but not too high). The service was
      great and we shared some courses and they handled it
      well. The seating is not too close which I especially
      enjoy. Thanks to the chowhound who recommended it.

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      Frank Language

      "Looking for a small cafe that won't break my wallet.
      preferably with sidewalk seating. Thank you all for
      your help."

      For downtown dining, I have two suggestions: the tried-
      and-true Brunetta's, at 190 1st avenue (between 11th
      and 12th, 228-4030). This time of year, all their
      seating is alfresco in the back garden, and their food
      is reliably good Italian, reasonably priced. Cash only.

      There is also Carmella's Village Garden, at 49 Charles
      St. (242-2155), where I confess I haven't been in a few
      years, but I've been several times with friends a few
      years ago. It's BYOB (can I say that here?), the food
      is also reasonably-priced, and the ambience is amiable.
      Hope this helps.

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        Josh Mittleman

        I don't know if it's romantic, but a very nice,
        inexpensive, friendly place is La Giara, on
        3rd Ave. just south of 34th St.

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          Tom Goldstone

          Doesn't have sidewalk seating, but (especially since it's now the dead of winter) I would still highly recommend a place in the West Village called La Focaccia (Bank and West 4th)...It's on a very cute little corner that is so un-New York that you could be in the middle of Boston on Peoria...
          Great food, decent wine list, yummy focaccia, GREAT tiramisu...
          Friendly service and a very cozy, romantic setting -- probably seats 30 people tops...wood-burning oven provides atmosphere and huge windows on 2 of the 4 walls are highlighted by wonderfully tall candles...
          Go there on a date...go there whenever...
          My girlfriend and i have now spent 2 of our last 3 new years there...