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Aug 17, 1998 11:38 AM

Magic Hat

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I'm in Vermont, staying near the Magic Hat brewery. So far, I've sampled Hocus Pocus, which is great --appears to be seasonal, or at least new--and Blind Faith, which is IPA-esque and I don't like quite as much.

I'm going to the brewery later this week, I hope! Anything special I should watch for, Jim?

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  1. Michael Jackson mentions Blind
    Faith in his latest pocket guide,
    giving it 2.5 stars (where 3 stars
    = worth seeking out and 4 stars =
    world classic. The Magic Hat beers
    seem to have a cult following, and
    their flashy packaging has done
    well for them.

    Jim (not alpha dog jim)

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    1. re: Jim Dorsch

      Jim Dorsch is one of the most respected beer writers in the country, so I should probably defer to him, but...

      C'mon, Jim!! (slap, slap, slap) Their packaging is tres cool, yes, but Magic Hat's darned good (when FRESH, that is...this beer doesn't store or travel well at all). I mean, not ain't Hair of the Dog...but they're certainly one of the most interesting and creative, carefully made East Coast micros.

      We all value Jackson's opinion, but he's been wrong before. He terribly underrated Aass Bock (one of the world's best, in my opinion), for example.

      Have you tried Magic Hat? I think you'd like's actually very much in the Bardo tradition (though you have to give them some slack in the comparison, since the stuff's bottled...hey, elisa, have you seen it on draft up there?) of slightly sweetish, complex strongish beer.


      1. re: jim leff

        Alpha Dog, Indeed I haven't had
        Magic Hat, or maybe once I did
        long ago. I keep hearing it's going
        to be distributed here in NoVA, but
        it hasn't happened yet. For some
        reason, at the Brickskeller beer
        tastings, they always use a Magic
        Hat to draw the winners in the
        drawing. I wonder if it's actually
        the exact same box, and if so, why.
        But I digress.


        1. re: Jim Dorsch

          Uh, I meant to say they use a Magic
          Hat box at the Brickskeller, not an
          actual Magic Hat.

          Still digressing ....

        2. re: jim leff

          Magic Hat is available on tap, occasionally, at the
          various Vermont branches of the Sirloin Saloon. Please
          don't ask me how I know that.

        3. re: Jim Dorsch

          I'm looking forward to going to the brewery itself either later this week or the week after next. Cool packaging can only go so far, of course.

          I'll post more info once I visit.