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Aug 14, 1998 09:38 AM

food co-op

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I'm hoping to help a friend in Manhattan. She read
about a produce co-op in the NY Times a while back.
This outfit delivers fresh produce to people in NY
City. Of course, one has to join the co-op and pay a
fee. The Times was unable to help her identify the
issue. Does anyone have knowledge of such a concern?
Thanks, as usual. pat

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  1. Pat,

    I'm a member of the Roxbury Farms coop. I don't know if this is the one you read about because they don't deliver to your apartment.

    I believe they deliver to at least 3 or 4 locations in Manhattan, but only one site per day. Mine is at the church on 86th and West End Ave.

    You join in the Spring and share in the total production of the farm. If they have a big crop, you get more good food. It's organic and of course, fresh. They produce a wide variety of stuff -- very little fruit, a lot of vegetables. This week, I took home 6 little yellow squashes, 2 cucumbers, 2 onions, 2 eggplants, a quart of string beans, 5 corns, 4 red peppers, and a whole bunch of herbs: basil; lemon basil, lemon balm; Italian parsley; and mint.

    The bad news is that I don't think you can get "in" now, but I'll try to find out.


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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Barbara and Dave:

      Thanks to you both for the info. Barbara, I'll wait
      for your answer to Dave's post before I relay your
      suggestion. Are they in the phone book?


    2. b
      Barbara Hillery

      I don't suppose you mean Urban Organics, which will
      deliver a box of fresh fruit and/or veg to your door
      (you choose the type of box and size) weekly or
      biweekly or whenever you call? My friends and I have
      had mixed feelings about this business which has
      changed management a couple of times in the past few
      years, but when it's winter and cold and icy outside,
      sometimes it's nice not to have to shop at special
      places for organics.

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      1. re: Barbara Hillery


        Never heard of "Urban Organics." Could you explain how it works (do you have a choice in quantities and variety of what they deliver?) and why you have mixed feelings about it?



        1. re: Dave Feldman
          Barbara Hillery

          Urban Organics is in the phone book (They're based in
          Brooklyn, I think 7th St.) and on the web. They used
          to just have "the box" - you call in on Sun and they
          tell you what's in the box for that week (depending on
          what's fresh and available) and you can call in
          substitutions (up to 3 in addition to 3 permanent
          subs. you can leave on your account) or cancel
          completely for the week. There is a sign-up fee, but
          sometimes you can get one trial box before paying it.
          Now, I think, they also have all fruit boxes or
          juicing boxes (heavy on the carrots) or the regular
          mixed box. They come in 3 sizes - same variety of
          stuff, but more quantity as the price goes up. When
          you sign up they tell you when they deliver in your
          area and that's when you get your box - no negotiation
          on that. Mixed feelings: 1. a friend who lives in
          Stuyvesant Town found her box left in a public area
          and was, of course gone by the time she got home. 2.
          They sometimes (understandably) have to make
          substitutions and I was finding that the particular
          stuff I was looking forward to didn't come. 3. The
          variety and quality is usually VERY good, especially
          for organics. 4. My time just didn't allow me to
          keep up with the flow of stuff coming in, even when I
          only got a box every other week (so now I call them
          when I want one). 5. I have another friend who is
          VERY happy - she's quite creative with what they send
          (btw, there's always a newsletter with recipes). 6.
          The office staff is uneven. Sometimes they resolve
          problems efficiently and cheerfully, other times less
          so. 7. You can also order extra organic stuff -
          grains, breads, milk products. 8. You have to be on
          top of scheduling for cancellations or extra orders or
          you find orphan boxes of veggies on your doorstep.
          That's about all I can think of for now. Basically
          it's a wonderful idea, but it seems so much more
          wonderful when the farmers' markets aren't as
          bountiful as they are at the moment. And definitely
          helpful for busy, working people. I stopped getting
          boxes several months ago. I'd be interested in
          knowing what anyone else thinks of them.

          1. re: Barbara Hillery
            Scott Bowling

            > Urban Organics is in the phone book (They're based in
            > Brooklyn, I think 7th St.) and on the web.
            You're right on the money, though I've not used their
            services myself. FYI, their info is:


            Urban Organic
            230A 7th Street
            Brooklyn, NY 11215

            Phone: 718.499.4321
            888 4 URBAN 0

            Fax: 718.499.3188




            1. re: Barbara Hillery

              Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. I believe
              my young friend now has all the information she could
              possibly want so that she may make an informed
              decision about produce delivery. pat

        2. Pat,
          We really enjoy Urban Organics. Yes, they've changed management a few times, but currently we find the produce in the box very high & filled with variety. THere is usually more than enough for two people to last a week--if your week consists of going out to eat two or three times, which ours does. I feel that to pay someone $27 for organic produce that I don't have to pick out and make the decision (should I get the chard this week or beet greens?) plus I don't have to carry it home is truly a wonderful service. When I am not at home, they leave it in front of my apartment door inside the building, which happens to be a safe place. I highly recommend them.

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          1. re: E. Cornell


            Thanks very much. I told my friend to go for it. pat