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Aug 10, 1998 05:32 PM

I need a place for a 70th birthday dinner....

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...but it comes with a lot of "buts"; my parents are
adventurous but not totally open; they do not eat pork
or shellfish, so it must be fish or poultry heavy, and
not so expensive that they will have a heart attack
when they what it costs even if we ARE picking up the
tab. We would also like someplace that makes them feel
well-treated. I GREATLY appreciate any suggestions-
the date is Sat. eve 9/14. Thanks!

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  1. Lisa,
    Since I'm a huge Piccola Venezia fan and a regular, I
    have to recommend them. They are high $$, but the
    service and portions are well worth it. You didn't
    mention the size of your party, but they can
    accommodate large groups. If you have any specific
    questions send me an e mail.

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    1. re: Barbara D.

      Are you sure that you're not taking MY parents out for dinner? Gee whiz, you described them and their prefernces (quirks) to a "t"! I just had to laugh. Here's my suggestions;

      Gus' Place -- my favorite restaurant in the city (West Village), not too loud, ask for the main room and prepare for wonderful Meditteranean food and very welcoming service in a beautiful room w/ French doors.

      Gene's -- time warp Italian also in West Village, the place is quiet but has a loyal following. Great tried and true faves and a 50's style decor. The service is very good and the staff still wears those short red

      waiter jackets.

      Both places will be fun for all!

      1. re: amy tarshis

        Thanks to everyone for suggestions. We ended up
        persisting and getting a reservation at Peter Lugers
        (on a Saturday night!). It was one great steak and
        just the right thing for all of us, we pigged out on
        that GREAT porterhouse and hash browns and creamed
        spinach and pecan pie, ahhh.....SOme of the
        reccomendatiosn sound great, I have been to Gus'
        (really good) but never Gene's, it sounds like fun.
        Have to try all of them, thanks!

    2. Lisa,
      Carmine's uptown may be a bit noisy but they do have a private room for parties now and I've seen the menu and it really isn't that pricey for the portions and we find the staff attentive and accomodating. Good luck!