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Jul 31, 1998 09:15 AM

Funny story

  • j

There is a funny story at
6853-3c6 about odd dishes customers order at expensive
restaurants. My favorite is of someone ordering beluga
caviar at the SeaGrill (where it is over $100 an ounce)
and asking for cocktail sauce with it.

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  1. I remember those requests from my day as a waitress;
    curiously, upscale restaurant where one would expect
    the recipes to be more important are usually more
    obliging of off-the-menu requests than are cheap
    joints, where you'd think that the chef wouldn't be
    insulted by an odd request. Oddest request that I ever
    received was while at Cafe Luxembourg, a woman asked
    for a plate of blanched broccoli and carrots, no salt,
    no oil, no butter, no nothing. The chef obliged.
    Conversely, at a Denny's on Route 80 I was told that I
    the chef would not prepare a boiled egg, but only
    poached eggs, fried eggs or scrambled eggs. Now if the
    only option had been scrambled, I would have assumed
    that there were no real eggs in the kitchen, only egg
    mix. But to fry or poach an egg, you gotta assume they
    were cracking shells in the back. The scene was right
    out of five easy pieces.