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Jul 24, 1998 02:34 PM


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I see a lot of people have eaten at the Soup Kitchen.
Has anyone tried the Daily Soup? The sengelese peanut
soup is outrageous. I would love some comments about
The Daily Soup.

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  1. Having worked near (at eaten at FREQUENTLY) the Soup
    Kitchen Int'l, aka Soup Nazi, I think Daily Soup is a
    pretty good substitute- it is not as tasty, but there
    is (relatively) no line at most of them -if there is it
    moves fast- and no attitude, although I never had any
    bad experiences in many years at Soup Kitchen. I never
    tried the peanut soup but many of the others are very
    tasty-although truthfully not as memorable as Soup
    Kitchen . You should try that (if you never have) if
    you are Nearby and it is an off-hour. But I think he is
    closed for the summer, till September.