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Jul 10, 1998 06:51 PM

Where can I buy a Girolle?

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Had some Tete do Moine cheese at a the Fancy Food Show at Javits a couple of weeks ago and it tasted a zillion times better having been sliced, paper thin, with a chichi gadget called a girolle.

Went to Broadway Panhandler, Dean and DeLuca, Murray's, Balduccis and no one has one or knows where to find one. Short of hopping a Concorde to Paris I'm stuck.

Before I contact the cheese distributor, does anyone know where I can purchase one?

Thanks a bunch,

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  1. p
    Peter Palmieri

    In the list of places that you tried I didn't see
    Bridge mentioned. If anyone knows where to find it in
    NYC, I would have to guess that Bridge does. By the
    way, I think your restaurant reviews are very well

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    1. re: Peter Palmieri

      And you tried Lamalle? Or on the bowery at the
      restaurant wholeslaers there? I think they sell to the

      1. re: Lisa R.

        I am looking for a girolle and I'm not sure where to
        look nor do I know exactly what it is. Please provide
        me with some information.

        1. re: Jamie Moore

          It is an edible mushroom, the French term for the
          chanterelle . Now that you have found out, what
          do you plan to do with it?

          1. re: Allan Evans
            Jim Podsiadlo

            It is also a slick device for shaving Tete de Moine
            cheese. If that is what you are looking for, join the
            group. I found a Swiss source, but am still looking
            for one in the states.

            1. re: Jim Podsiadlo

              Girolles have landed in New York (maybe they've been
              here all along) today, I was looking at the tete de
              moine cheese at the ABC food hall and remembered this
              whole dialog. Wondered how the cheese would be
              without the girolle to slice it - then happened to
              look up - on top of the cheese case behind the counter
              was a whole display of girolles with round wooden
              bases. Seemed like a silly piece of paraphernalia,
              but hey, please post if you have tried it and found it
              worth the house space and $.

              1. re: Jim Podsiadlo

                This may be too late but here goes...

                I brought one back from Switzerland a few years ago. Great cheese and fun at parties. Dean and DeLuca have it in their Napa store so I am sure it is back East as well. It is also in their catalog. Sur La Table ( also has it in their catalog and it is less expensive than D & D.

            2. re: Lisa R.
              Frank Language

              Lisa R. writes: "And you tried Lamalle? Or on the
              bowery at the restaurant wholeslaers there? I think
              they sell to the public."

              They do, but very grudgingly. I bought a few plates at
              one place there several years ago, and it was like
              pulling teeth; they really would prefer large orders
              because small orders are a waste for them and they
              don't make much of a profit.

              Of course, if anyone knows anywhere on the Bowery they
              treat retail customers like, well, customers at least -
              if not kings - I'd be happy to know about it.

          2. s
            Scotia Trading company

            we have girolle available in two differant models,with
            a wooden base or a plastic base these are imported from
            switzerland please e-mail for more details
            gordon scotia trading company

            1. a
              Alejandro Barba

              we dont understand your message, maybe you want girolle
              wild mushrooms?

              1. Green market at the back of Chelsea market.

                $29/lb. this week beautiful fresh like daisies.

                Aka chanterelles.

                In case anyone read the OP wrong.
                Unlike me. Definitely not me.
                But their mushrooms are always great...

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                1. re: rbraham

                  Huh. Invented in 1982. Not ancient artisanal manufacture (cf chitarra).

                  History of girolle:

                  (Trying to redeem myself.)

                2. Amazon has several to choose from.

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                  1. re: pikawicca

                    Why are we talking to a zombie cheesehead?