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Jun 6, 1998 11:55 PM

Fast Food for Everyone

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Burger King and McDonalds restaurants would like to
offer a vegetarian burger option, but they need our
help to do it! Please call your local Burger King and
McDonald's Restaurants as well as McDonald's toll-free
Consumer Hotline: 1-800-BIG MACS (1-800-244-6227) and
let them know you'd like a vegetarian burger option in
your area as well as across the country. Ask everyone
you know to call.
Why fast food restaurants should sell vegetarian
They'd include not only the vegetarian community, but
also others such as people on low-meat diets, low-fat
diets, people watching their health, those willing to
try the product, etc. There are always health benefits
to a reduced-meat/no-meat diet. The new burger would
be an interesting, healthier change from the old
PLEASE take this into consideration and call often.

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    Frank Language

    I've been hearing for years about this campaign to get
    a veggie burger on McDonald's menu; as a matter of
    fact, I first heard of it via the VivaVegie Society
    ( which has been
    publishing "101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian" for
    several years now. I must admit, they are compelling
    reasons, too.

    I have to ask, though: won't it take a little more than
    just calling McDonald's and Burger King to get a veggie
    burger on their menus? You can even get a Gardenburger
    at many coffee shops now, so is it a big loss not to
    eat at Ronnie Mac's?

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      Joseph Rothenberg

      I find it hard why anyone with any kind of interest in vegetarianism, low-fat foods, or any food with nutritional value should even bother to contact an outfit like McDonald's that hasn't the slightest interest in serving that segment of the public. They have learned that their profits lie in serving the highest fat/nutrition free food that they can put together and serve lukewarm to their sucker public.