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May 20, 1998 07:36 PM

Soup Nazi Kitchen

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A friend wants me to locate the address for the
"Soup Nazi Kitchen" from the Seinfeld TV show.
Can anyone help me with the address?

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  1. Cheryl,

    The address of Soup Kitchen International:

    259 West. 55 St., between Broadway and Eighth Ave. (closer to Eighth).


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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Their soup relly is good; but 1) they are closed for
      the summer, probably about now and 2) when you do go,
      go late- 3:00 or later- he is downright hospitable

      1. re: Lisa R.
        Christy Veeder

        This is not an urban legend; I think it happened less than a year ago. I recently spoke to an eyewitness whose friend finished a delicious bowl of soup nazi soup, only to discover a used band-aid at the bottom of the cup.
        El yucko!
        But I still get soup there.

        1. re: Christy Veeder

          Christy--Absolutely unthinkable. While deliciousness
          HAS unfortunately declined (as he himself laments) with
          all the post-Seinfeld commotion, there is NO cook in
          the world more conscientious about such things than the
          Soup Man. He cares so deeply about quality and
          healthfulness that it's almost scary.

          This is a classic friend-of-a-friend pernicious rumor,
          and it really shouldn't be passed on. Nor should the
          hateful term "nazi" be used to describe an earnest,
          dedicated man who puts all of his time, love and energy
          into cooking the very best he can without compromise.
          He might be inflexible, he might be haughty, but that
          doesn't make him evil, let alone a Nazi.

          1. re: Jim Leff

            Have you guys seen, apparently copies of reports from the NY Department of Health regarding some violations (i.e. cockroaches) found in the Soup Kitchen? It's in under their archive documents.

            Can someone verify if this is true???

          2. re: Christy Veeder

            If you saw Al Yeganeh on the Home Shopping Network after the last Seinfeld, you saw the real Al, with all his faults and charms.

            What other huckster on HSN would repeatedly discuss how his product has declined in value.

            Al is obsessed with cleanliness. One time he told me that cleanliness is more important to him than anything, including the taste of his product. His fetish about hygiene is one of the reasons he has such a hard time delegating work. Anyone who has ever seen him wipe off the little dribble of soup that sometimes hits the side of the container when he is ladling soup knows that the Band-Aid story almost certainly isn't true.

            I've refrained from saying anything about the "Nazi" reference, as it is the only way many people know him, and I assume you don't mean to be hurtful.

            But Al genuinely WAS hurt by the Seinfeld issue. He is hurt whenever he is held up as a subject of ridicule. He is a proud man. And he has every reason to be.