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May 20, 1998 02:59 AM

Looking for Romance

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I currently go to college in Boston and my girlfriend
goes to Rutgers(New Brunswick) in NJ... I get to visit
her every few months and so far we've only gone out to
eat at local places. She's a big fan of getting
dressed up and going out to eat and a little bird tells
me she's looking to go out to the city next time
around. I'm not too familiar with the area and she's
looking for a surprise...

We're looking for a fancy place where we can perhaps
get some good Italian or Mexican food (anything for me,
vegetarian for her) and a place that's pretty
accessible by subway...

Thanks in advance! Great site!

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  1. If you want fancy, I don't know too many Mexican places in New York that will fit the bill. But if you are simply looking for a nice place with great Mexican food, here are a few of my recommendations.

    Zarela on 51st and 1st serves great, authentic Mexican food. It is a lively and fun place, but not tacky.

    Rosa Mexicano is probably one of the "fanciest" Mexican in the city and is considered by many to be the best of its kind. I personally prefer Zarela's, but there are certain undeniable charms of Rosa Mexicano. They make fresh guacomole right at your table, which is a very impressive feat. They also have pomegranite margaritas, which are amazing. People dress up for Rosa Mexicano, as compared with Zarela's, and it takes itself a bit more seriously.

    One of my favorite places is Mi Cocina in the West Village. It is a tiny little place but it serves excellent and original mexican dishes, especially if you go for the specials. It is by no means fancy, just damn good.

    As for Italian restaurants, take your pick. I will let others give you more detail, but look into the following: Felidia; Il Mulino; I Trulli; Bar Pitti; Il Cantinori; Po; Velli . . .

    Have a great time.

    1. For romantic Italian on a lean budget, I recommend
      Cent'anni in the Village (50 Carmine St., between
      Bleecker and Bedford, 212-989-9495). Make a
      reservation on the weekend.

      If you want to spend a bit more and have a smashing
      meal, try Orso on 46th St. near 9th Ave. It's in
      the theater district, and before 8 PM it is packed.
      But if you ask for a reservation at 8:30, you can
      almost always get in.

      1. I'm still a fan of Il Bagatto, which not only offers
        up ambiance and fantastic food (don't skimp on the
        dessert there either), but is easy on the budget,
        since I noticed you are both students. You'll still
        spend a couple of bucks there, but for the full course
        meal, it's a steal.