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May 3, 1998 09:54 AM

Restaurant Notes

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Last week drove up to "The Mason Jar" in Mahwah, NJ on
route #202, just off route #17 where I enjoyed a very
good pulled pork sandwich. The pork is slow cooked
over low heat, using real hickory with a lot attention
to how real barbecue is supposed to be prepared. Ribs,
beef brisket and pork loin are also on the menu. It is
as good as I have had in many places in NC but not as
good as the very few best places there.

Someone told me that Xavier's in Piermont, NY is
excellent. Does anyone have any experience with this

Have had several meals at Manducati's in Long Island
City and each one has been better than the last. The
wine list is outstanding and the prices very
reasonable. Wish this place were closer to home!

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  1. Xaviar's at Piermont always gets rave reviews as does
    the Xaviar's in Garrison, NY (Peter Kelly's first
    restaurant) He has recently opened Restaurant X in
    Congers in the former Bully Boy establishment.

    The Permont restauranthas a prix fixe of $48.00. No
    credit cards; reservations required; jackets required.
    Xaviar's in Garrison is prix fixe of $72.00. Dinner
    only Fri & Sat. Sunday brunch is $32.

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      yes, xaviar's in piermont is a tiny, exquisite place
      where i once took 4 hours for a meal. i think it's the
      best food in westchester; french-inspired (although the
      chef's an irishman), creative without being fussy, and
      elegant without being attitudinal. bring big bucks, and
      try the martini-they come to the table with an atomizer
      of vermouth to top it off for you at the table. cheaper
      but not as eye-popping is the cafe next door, which is
      also run by Peter Xaviar Kelly and would be good for a
      first date or such.

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      1. re: mariabennett
        Peter Palmieri

        Xavier's sounds like a good destination restaurant.
        Will have to give it a try. Still curious about
        others' experience with Manducati's...

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          It's probably over-picky to note that Piermont isn't in

          I've only eaten at Xavier's in Garrison, where Riva & I
          had the prix fixe. It was very good, but I thought it
          was not worth the price. The wines were excellent, the
          food was very good indeed, but the desserts were
          terrible, the coffee was cold (even when we asked for a
          new cup), the service was mediocre, and the atmosphere
          is dreadful: The restaurant is like a huge, drafty