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Apr 18, 1998 05:12 PM

ChowHound Help, Por Favor....

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I recently accepted a weekly restaurant review column for Queens Ledger Papers. They
produce seventeen different community publications (everything from LIC, Astoria,
Maspeth, Glendale, Ridgewood, Woodhaven, Howard Beach, Sunnyside, Woodside,
Jackson Heights, Kew Gardens, and Forest Hills) and have a paid-subscription readership
of 220,000. A small start...

Since so many neighborhoods are covered, I am not limited in my restaurnat selections. I
have already picked my places for this month and have quite a few in mind for the
coming months (I could probably do this for ten years and not run out of places :) ),
however if you live in any of the aforementioned neighborhoods and have any
suggestions for reviews, pass them on.

I’m especially interested in small, authentic places with fantastic food who could really
use another good review to boost lagging business (examples: Pho Bac in Elmhurst/
Uzbekistan Tandoor Bread/ Bo.) Any great places would be fine but my heart, as I’m
sure you might have noticed, is with the smaller establishments. I want to constantly have a place for the publisher so that I'm not coerced into reviewing establishments that have placed advertisments in the paper which is customary in many local papers. I turned down three other positions because of this and want to stay as far away from that stuff as possible...

Amyway, I’m off to rejoin the gym. Something tells me I’m going to have to spend a bit
more time there....


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    Peter Palmieri

    Many months ago I heard Arthur Schwartz mention
    Manducati's on Jackson Ave. in LIC very favorably. I
    finally had the opportunity to have lunch there last
    Thursday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and Mr. Cerbone (the
    elder) couldn't have been more gracious. And, the wine
    list! Terrific! Had a'77 Taurasi. Can't wait to go