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Apr 16, 1998 07:28 AM

Place for a crowd?

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I am looking for a good place for a crowd, probably
about 20-25 people, to go on a Friday or Saturday night
in about 3 weeks. Not too expensive, downtown or
Brooklyn preferred. Ideally someplace where they would
let people from the group order for themselves rather
than have to pick a set menu.

Any ideas from chowhounds would be appreciated.

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  1. Jing Fong in Chinatown is a safe bet. It's probably the biggest restaurant in the city. You could bring 100 people with you and they wouldn't mind. You just have to be in the mood for Chinese food. I heard from a Beard writer that dinner there is good though I've only been there for dim sum. Anyway, it's an experience. Hope it all works out for you.

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      Barbara Sweeney

      Have you thought about Riodizio? Not sure if they would be able to take a group that size, but there's alot to chose from, endlessly, if you go the all you can eat from the grill route.

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      1. re: Barbara Sweeney

        I agree with the idea of Riodizio as a good place for a large group, except that in my experience, the food is not very good.

        1. re: Barbara Sweeney

          The idea is good -- unfortunately, everything at
          Riodizio is quite awful. The meats they offer serve
          better purpose for re-soling shoes than as food.

          A better altenate it seems would be Churrascaria
          Plataforma on West 49th St., near 8th Ave. However,
          it's not downtown where Alan needs to be.

          1. re: Gary Cheong

            Thanks for the suggestions. I was at Jin Fong for
            dinner a few years ago, and it was quite good, esp. the
            steamed fish and the jellyfish salad. Churrasquerria
            Plataforma also sounds good, if people are in a
            carniverous mood , and compared to where I live, it
            does qualify as downtown.