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Apr 4, 1998 10:36 AM

A Chowhound with kids needs places to go!

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We are looking for a place for tomorrow night- and any
other nights- for my family and another, four kids
total!-to eat. We will be with another family of chef
Dad and Mom and 2 kids, and we are all food fanantics
so we don't want another John's Pizza night (although
we love John's) or pizza in general. We tried Tindo a
few weeks ago- at Jim's posting suggestion- and enjoyed
it and we may go back, but we are always on the lookout
for something new. This particular eve will be in
Manhattan- actually coming from the circus at MSG.
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Our kids are the worlds timidest eaters, but they love
    Nyonya, a Malaysian place accross from Ferrara's on
    Grand St. Our daughter likes their wonton soup (we
    eat the delicious wontons, she drinks the broth) and
    our son loves the chicken satay. They also eat rice.
    We eat everything else. Go figure. The appetizers
    and noodles are better than the main dishes in general.

    You could also try the new Penang on Elizabeth a few
    blocks away. In the same area is C&F, a weird
    cantonese place on Hester between Elizabeth and Mott
    accross from a parking lot. They serve peanut butter
    and jelly sandwiches and macaroni as well as cantonese
    food. Robert Sietsema wrote it up in down the hatch.

    As far as parking goes, you can usually park a few
    blocks west on Grand St. without too many problems.

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    1. re: Alan Divack

      Alan, thank you so much- that is just the kind of info
      I was looking for. Nyonya sounds like just what we're
      looking for.
      I have always wanted to try Penang, although I
      wonder if the Elizabeth Street location makes it kid-
      friendly or not. My husband and I ate last week at
      Rialto on Elizabeth ( a big disappointment after all
      the great reviews) and it is a major scene for the au
      courant. A lot of fun to walk down on a warm night,
      though- great shops to look into- and a lot of new
      reaturants around there.

      Thanks again for the tips!

      1. re: Lisa R.

        America on 18th between 5th and broadway is great at the weekends for kids. Brunch comes with a "balloon man" a magician, and always coloring books and crayons. Menu is huge, as is the restaurant!

        1. re: Gini

          Unfortunately though, the food is horrible there. I
          think we should concentrate on helping Lisa R. find
          places that have decent food as well. Why should she
          or anyone else have to suffer thru bad food just for a
          child-friendly place. Besides, why expose children to
          bad food ?

          I think Alan Divack's suggestion of Nyonya and the
          Penang on Elizabeth St. is a good idea. I just took a
          friend with her baby (plus other family members) to
          the Penang on Eliz. St., and the staff couldn't be
          nicer. There were quite a few tables with kids too.

          1. re: Gary Cheong

            Thank you all for the suggestions! We did end up going
            to Penang, although we went to the one on 11th St. and
            3rd Ave- I assume it is the same owners. It was great,
            too- we enjoyed everything we ate and there was a lot
            of kid-friendly dishes like wonton soup and noodles and
            nicely spiced fried chicken nuggets. And these dynamite
            peanut pancakes, and tropical ice creams for dessert.
            AND a fish pond that kept three kids occupied for at
            least an hour (amazing), and very spacious seating and
            a really nice staff.

            We are really looking forward to trying both
            Nyonya and C&F. As far as Payard, that is a GREAT tip-
            I never would have thought to go there with the brood
            but I have really wanted to try it. And America- it
            definately serves a purpose. It is MAJORLY kid-
            friendly and it does have a wide selection- those are
            both definate pluses in my book. The food isn't great
            though, that is true. I am on a mission- to combine
            great restaurants with no babysitting bills!

            Thanks again for any tips- I look forward to reading
            them all!

    2. How about Payard Patisserie & Bistro? It is a cute bistro/bakrery on Lexington in the 70's. The appetizers and entrees are very good (Daniel Bouled is part owner), but the items that come out of the bakery are incredible. Wonderful cakes and pastries, cookies, etc. I have only been there once, but during my visit stylish couples sat right next to tables full of parents with and very, very happy children.