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Mar 31, 1998 06:10 PM

Goy needs help for Seder

  • j

We’re hosting a Seder this year
for the first time (for me, wife’s first husband
was Jewish, and she recently
learned that she’s not 100%
Sicilian, but her real maternal
Grandfather was named
Stallnacher), and since I do most
of the cooking, I need some ideas. I
have a Jim Leff kugel recipe
copied from somewhere on this
site, but would like to do a few
other dishes. I can do meat (is a
nice brisket appropriate?) but
vegetarian options would be good.

(At the first Seder I attended, the
very East Coast and very Jewish
restaurant critic that I would
later replace was in attendance,
and I was asked to bring the classic
green bean/mushroom soup/
canned onion ring casserole **an
aside: for the past few years I’ve
written about them and called
them Durkee’s, but apparently
they were bought out by French’s
** I wanted to make a good
impression, so I carefully picked
over fresh green beans, made a
Sherry cream sauce with fresh
mushrooms, and of course the
canned onion rings...everyone was
very disappointed that I hadn’t
used canned beans and Campbell’s
cream of mushroom soup....don’t
mess with the classics!)

I thought about making my famous
Tex-Mex latkes, but those are
really for Hanuka, right?

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  1. Jim, the newspaper food sections this week (4/1) had a
    lot of recipes- stores like Barnes and Noble have big
    displays this week as well. And of course the Internet!
    Brisket is indeed appropriate- I grew up in a religious
    family and our meal for more than 40 years has been
    gefilte fish with grated horseradish, chicken soup with
    matzo balls, brisket, matzo kugel- that potato kugel
    recipe may have starch that observant Jews don't eat,
    by the way- a green veg,those heavy awful Passover
    desserts, and Streit's canned coconut and chocolate
    macaroons (I love those), available at any good