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crepe making machine

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I'm trying to locate a supplier for a crepe making
appliance that is popular in Paris. It is sort of a
hot plate/griddle thing. One sees these vendors
everywhere there. I think there must be some in this
country, though I've not seen them here in the midwest.

Thanks. pat

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    Steven A. Shaw


    I saw one in Zabar's in Manhattan a couple of months
    ago. You can get the number from 212 information.
    Zabar's does mail order. Another gigantic New York
    kitchen supply place is called Broadway Panhandler,
    which also ships everywhere and should have the device.

    Still, it is not necessary to have a special machine
    to make crepes. Even in France, the machines are not
    exactly cheap. You would have to make a lot of crepes
    to justify the expenditure. In Julia Child's video on
    crepe making, she uses the back of a non-stick skillet
    (i.e., inverting it over the burner). I tried it last
    year and made dozens of crepes with no problem. Her
    other secret: Use Wondra flour instead of regular.

    Best regards,

    New York Restaurant Reviews

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    1. re: Steven A. Shaw

      Steven: Thanks. I know how to make crepes in normal
      quantities but someday I'm going to be the little old
      lady you see at the seashore making sweet and savory
      crepes for my small but devoted clientele. It's just
      an idea now of course. Thanks again. pat

      1. re: pat hammond

        Well, if you aspire to be a professional then you need
        to get a really grimy, beat-up machine and cover it
        with aluminum foil and bits of charred batter. You
        should have told me about this last week when I was in
        Brittany. I could have stolen one for you. There is a
        particularly grubby place in Dinan that would have
        provided the perfect unit. Still, if you can only make
        it as far as Paris there are some pretty good examples
        along Rue Montparnasse--but there is no seashore there
        and most of the cooks are men.

    2. crepes de france

      1. They sell them through the Williams Sonoma Cooking
        Catalogue. $149.

        1. William Sonoma has a crepe machine-griddle in their
          catalog. They do not specify a brand name. It was
          made for them to sell.

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          1. re: Cindi

            Cindi: Thanks very much. I haven't had a chance to
            check it out yet but I surely will. pat

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            Tracy Tischer

            Dear Pat,

            You and I have the same dream!!! I dream of having a
            little crepe stand on a street corner in San Diego
            someday. I have just started researching it - in fact
            I am going to Paris in June to do just that! Whatever
            information I find I will send to you. I have the
            Williams & Sonoma crepe maker and it is very nice, but
            I dont think it is quite as big as the ones in Paris.
            It has a nonstick surface that may not endure like the
            ones there, but it would work nicely for a crepe stand
            if you had two of them. If you are like me you
            probably would like the original item. I'll keep you



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            1. re: Tracy Tischer

              Hi Tracy: I'll wait baited breath for news about your
              Paris research. And thanks for thinking of me. pat

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              Steve Townshend

              I would also be interested in any imfromation that you may have found on these crepe cookers. I was at the bevery hills farmers market a month ago and saw a vender with a portable crepe cooker. I have a catering buisness and if thought this would be a great idea for
              a brunch presentation. I live on the east coast and figured when I got home I would simply just order one. Not so easy. I have asked many equiptment venders and they have not heard of this machine. Please help.

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              1. re: Steve Townshend

                I think what you're looking for is a Maxim Electric Crepe Maker, which, when heated, is inverted and dipped into a pie plate filled with batter. Seconds later, presto! A light on the handle signals when the crepe is done. I got mine at Broadway Panhandlers in SoHo, but I think Williams Sonoma also carries the crepe maker. The factory, The Maxim Company, is in Newark, NJ; they may well have a web site.

                Good luck and happy catering!

                1. re: Steve Townshend

                  I'm sorry that I can't add anything helpful to Tom's post. I have checked with Williams Sonoma and they do have the one Tom described, except that's not what I was after; it might work for your purposes. I wanted the kind I saw on the streets of Paris. How about asking the guy at the Farmer's Market where he got his? He'll either cooperate or tell you to get lost. Good luck and please let us hear what you find. p.