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Mar 26, 1998 12:04 PM

Fat-Free Spuds for Dieting ChowHounds...

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I know, I know, true ChowHounds are not supposed to diet, but sometimes we get a bit carried away and need to shed a couple of pounds...

My best friend Paul is always counting fat calories (extemely annoying to eat with him....) and he unlike myself is a big chips fan. When I saw the recently released Fat-Free (made with Olestra) Lay's potato chips, I decided they'd be perfect for Mr.Svelte.

The crinkle cut plain and mesquite flavored regular ended up being so good that Paul made me swear throughout the evening that I hadn't put the real Lay's into the fat-free bag to sabotage him. I really hadn't. We both kept rubbing our fingers together, the shiny olestra a dead ringer for real potato chip grease...

If you're on a really strict fat-free regimen or have heart disease and can't bear to part with your chip cravings, give these a shot. They are suprisingly tasty. God knows what they'll discover the side effects of Olestra to be in a few years, but ignorance is bliss, so munch away guiltlessly while you can...

And neither of us suffered the much-discussed "anal-leakage"....... :)

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  1. I haven't seen them in the supermarket.

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    1. re: Christina Z.
      Lisa Antinore

      I purchased them at Walbaums on Francis Lewis Blvd. in Bayside.

    2. r
      Russell Drecque

      Wow Lisa, you sure are one tuff cookie!! Not only
      are you fearless when it comes to eating in
      rodenterias but you bravely risk your bowels with
      olestra and suffered "no anal leakage". I guess
      you still have to work on your "oral" leakage.

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      1. re: Russell Drecque
        Lisa Antinore

        What is your problem???

        Don't read my posts if they annoy you. I sign my name to each one so if you happen to see it, ignore it and save yourself any anxiety. There really is no reason to be so mean-spirited.

        Lisa Antinore