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Mar 14, 1998 05:18 PM

Urban Archaeology

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The old Triangle Hofbrau in Richmond Hill is now a
Russian place called Little Europe. Same decor, same
amazing poster with recipe for Choucroute on a wall
now obscured. Food not interesting. But...
A kind owner led me upstairs to an entire abandoned
dusty rotting floor where amenu from the Hofbrau,
from the early 1940s was found. Unbelievable variety
and tenor of life alluded to. Imagine, for potatoes
alone once they offered:
Home Fried or Saute, Between the Acts, Julienne,
French Fried, Lyonnaise, Hashed Browned, Hased in
Cream, Au Gratin, Mashed, Potato Dumplings (2),
O'Brien, Baked, Parisienne, Speck Kartoffel, Boiled,
Saratoga Chips, Potato Pancakes, (same with) Bacon &
Apple Sauce, Fried Sweets, Grilled Sweets, Canided

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  1. a
    Amy Keyishian

    Mmm, HEAVENLY! A moment of silence, please, to give
    thanks for the potato. (moment of silence interrupted
    by drooling.)

    I love finding pieces of older versions of New York
    hidden in the oddest places.