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Mar 12, 1998 06:40 PM

Molly O'Neill on PBS

  • j

Made my first donation to PBS in the hope that more
programs about chowhounding are produced by, for and
about the local food scene.
I'd have to say my two favorite characters were the
donut dude and the old timer on the apple farm upstate.
A close second were the bread man of Sullivan St. and
the Goomba with the mozzarella ball on Arthur Ave.

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  1. l
    Lisa Antinore


    Did you happen to catch the special that followed- Kosher Cooking Goes Haute???? It was VERY interesting.... I hope they re-run both of them so I can record them....

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    1. re: Lisa Antinore

      Molly also hosts a new cooking show that airs
      nationally on PBS called "Great Food." It highlights 6
      chefs that have prime-time cooking shows on the BBC.
      The programs have great travel footage since they shoot
      the cooking demos on location around the world. Check
      it out! Call your local PBS station for time or (800)
      848-3518 to find out.